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Bilingualism goes beyond speaking more than one langauge. As Linda Waugh writes, bilingualism also involves negotiating identities as they relate to the languages we speak and how we interact with others in those languages. Her chapter that we published in our very first volume of Readings in Language Studies, illustrates the ways in which identity is negotiated through a case study of a French/English bilingual man in France. As she notes, "... since identities are multiple, contradictory, and discursively constructed, they are a site for discursive struggle; and negotiation and co-construction in verbal discourse between social interactants are key elements in that struggle" (p. 224). For more details, we invite you read Waugh's chapter below (click "Read More"). If  this appeals to you, we encourage you to visit Amazon or your favorite book seller to get your copy of Readings in Language Studies, Vol. 1 today!